Tulindi was founded on both innovation and purpose. Our goal is to develop products that makes everyday life a little easier. But our drive goes much deeper.

Gripit exists not just to lighten your shopping bag load, but to lighten the load for families living below the poverty line in Africa. Every purchase you make will serve a special purpose.

Many women and children in Africa are still worried about basic primary need like food, shelter and clothing. The economy there is worsening and providing nourishment has become a heavy burden for many families in Africa. 

At Tulinidi, we are committed to donating $1 of every product sold to less privileged families in Africa We currently have ambassadors in Nigeria and Ethiopia that assist with distributing food items and necessities and we hope to expand our reach. By purchasing Gripit you can make a monumental difference in another family’s life.

We want our customers to feel as connected to our cause as we do. That’s why we will provide updates through pictures and videos of how your purchases are directly making an impact. You’ll get an in-depth look at our Tulinidi ambassadors walking through impoverished communities distributing supplies, along with hope.

Every purchase of Gripit uplifts: from your groceries to your global community.

Let’s continue to help make a difference, together. Donate