About Us

A Modern Shopping Solution

Tulindi is a 21st-century company that is all about bringing innovative solutions to the marketplace. We create products that elevate your everyday lives.

Gripit is our flagship product designed to make shopping easier for users. We understand that carrying multiple grocery or shopping bags can lead to a risk of back injury, palm pain, and  inconvenience. At Tulinidi, we knew that there had to be a better way. Gripit is our remedy to making shopping feel effortless, stylish, and fun.

Gripit is engineered to alleviate most of the pressure and weight of heavy grocery and shopping bags. Gripit’s state of the art design is clinically proven to reduce the risk of back injury and palm pain.

Gripit shopping bag carrier is made from recycled plastic and, is a zero-waste product. At Tulinidi, we are just as committed to the health of our planet, as we are to you.

Gripit is not only sustainable but stylish. Gripit comes in a variety of colors to suit your mood and style. We made the Gripit for anyone who has bags to carry. No matter your age, Gripit is here to help lighten your load.

Gripit is just the first in a line of products we are eager to introduce. Our mission is always to provide modern solutions to everyday problems.

Tulinidi is the problem-solver of the future and a fresh approach to shopping.